Building in Rafael de la Viesca 5 St. - Cadiz

Cádiz - Cádiz | History center
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Ref.: 11JRLDED14613

Building in the history Center of Cadiz


For sale a four-storey high-rise building, located on the corner of Calle Rafael de la Viesca 5, historic center of Cádiz. The property has an area of 205.40 sqm, a building listed in the PGOU for its architectural interest. The property can be rehabilitated for a residential building. The estimated number of properties is 11, with a buildable area of 705 sqm and with the possibility of a commercial premises on the ground floor, with a buildable area of 174 sqm.
Recommended actions: restoration, conservation, consolidation or rehabilitation works to recover the building.
Compatible uses are established: Industrial, technical services, commerce, lodging and public administration.


  • Area: 205 m2
  • Floors: 4


  • Rafael de la Viesca 5, 11004 Cádiz
  • History center